Overview – Nathan Miller

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Operational Excellence

Operations Management

LEAN Management & Process Optimization

Asset/Equipment Maintenance & Reliability

Project Management

Planning & Scheduling

Nathan Miller is a business and operations management consultant and project manager with a career built over 20+ years of working within customer service, operations, maintenance and project management capacities with various organizations. Nathan has worked in various work settings from small to medium, privately owned companies as well as large, publicly traded corporations within health-care, mining and mineral processing, pulp and paper, commercial and industrial construction, and skilled trades contractor services. He has served in many capacities from working on the front line in operations and maintenance, to senior roles in quality management, project management as well as operations & maintenance.

Nathan's passion for Business Management and consulting, is driven on assisting and supporting organizations in engaging their teams to increase efficiencies in their management processes. He thrives on providing solutions to simplify and standardize work processes, with a focus on delivering the highest quality for the best Return-on-Investment (ROI). Nathan believes that in the business realm is is important to remain focused on the organization’s productivity, adaptability, responsiveness and employee engagement to maintain sustainability and maximize the companies potential earnings and profit margins.

With consideration to rendering services and contracting in industrial, construction and mining organizations, these types of businesses are part of his internal fabric. As a natural troubleshooter and somebody that likes to get involved in the action, Nathan compliments the management & coordination of work with a keen understanding of not only how the equipment operates, but also how the people and teams managing the equipment work as well. With his background in formal management and project management roles, Nathan (with the help and support of the team) can deeply understand the connections and inter-dependencies that will drive projects forward; getting the right work done and respecting the details to get the work done right. 

Nathan's educational background is within mechanical and manufacturing engineering & technology; holding both an Associate Degree and a Bachelor Degree. Nathan's experience is also supported by various credentials and training within areas such as: supervision, health and safety and technical disciplines such as planning, scheduling, asset reliability and project management.