Compliance Management

Compliance Management focuses on reviewing the relevance and/or effectiveness of the organization’s ability to comply with internal standards of operation as well as externally imposed standards such as CSA, ISO 9001, CWB, NFPA, TSSA and regulations imposed by government ministries such the Ministry of Environment (MOE) and the Ministry of Labor (MOL) among other organizations.

As a service PMCOM, can review the current state of compliance for your organization with regard to a specific standard and facilitate the development of processes to ensure effectiveness. The primary goal is to ensure your compliance management program is easy to understand and you have the best measures to remain within compliance.


As a service, PMCOM can assist you as per the following:

  • review the Quality Management System (in whichever form it is present); if there is no QMS, we will work collaboratively to develop it
  • conduct a review of your facilities required operating standards
  • audit the information, the processes and identify opportunities for improvement
  • develop the information and processes into manageable content that can be easily understood and navigated the by end-user(s)
  • assist the organization (in whatever role required) to administer required actions issued by external compliance audits
  • assist the organization (in whatever role required) to conduct changes within their organization to support compliance management