Information Management

Information Management Systems (IMS) come in many forms:
  • Physical documentation (hard-copy) folder database
  • Electronic databases; electronic filing systems (i. Windows), Sharepoint, etc
  • Electronic programs, commonly referred to as Information Management System, Electronic Document Management (EDM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Centralized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), among others.
Designed to bring efficiency into the workplace, the amount of information can soon be overwhelming when using multiple types of communication and information systems. Common symptoms of issues:
  • information overwhelm; too many files and folders in the electronic file system
  • too much accessibility to files and "sensitive" information by others
  • utilizing excel spreadsheets to track and manage target dates
  • outdated information and a "Revision Log" that is not accurately updated
  • random copies of "QMS - Controlled Documents" being updated; not abiding to proper processes and approvals
  • too many exchanges of a hard-copy document for approval; eventually getting lost and reprinted 2-3 times
  • training is overwhelming or personnel require years to know where to find the "right" information
  As a service, PMCOM can offer the following solutions:
  • evaluate the current information management system (s) and processes and their level of efficacy
  • provide solutions to streamline the current information management systems for simplicity
  • provide solutions to streamline the current information management systems with the end-user (and company budget) in mind
  • integrate the information management processes into the organization's Quality Management System (QMS) to facilitate training, easy navigation and improving the end-user experience; leading to lower costs
  • represent the organization/key stakeholder to assist in the integration of an IMS to meet the needs of the organization