From the Japanese words “kai-” which means “change” and “-zen” which means “good.” Kaizen = Good Change.

Kaizen is a concept referring to the conducting incremental continuous improvement of business processes and not limiting the integration of any Kaizen to any specific role or title within an organization; meaning it is every employee’s responsibility to engage in Kaizen.

Kaizen is both, (1) the execution of a plan of action and also (2) a cultural philosophy to be adopted by the organization.

Kaizen – Quick Review:

  • typically consisting of short spurts of effort to achieve quick results to improve quality in a process, product or service
  • involves members from cross-functional teams or departments
  • involves personnel from various management levels


As a service, PMCOM can assist you as follows:

  • facilitate the process of conducting Kaizen events/activities with you and/or your team (i.e. hosting a workshop, onsite or remote coaching and training)
  • act as a facilitator to support your organization to conduct Kaizen projects  and facilitate the management of plans into projects/actions
  • review your current process for conducting Kaizen & facilitate information management to ensure actions have a process built for executing plans
  • standardize your Kaizen process model and integrate into your Quality Management System