Lean Management

Lean (Krafcik – 1988) Management¬† is a general term used to encompass “Lean Manufacturing“, also known as “Lean Production“. Lean Management can be applied to any facet of an organization to streamline and increase efficiency to the value stream of product and/or service delivery. Frequent correlations reference the “Toyota Production System or TPS” (Ohno, Toyoda – 1948).

Key principles focus on reducing waste (Muda, Mura and Mudi) in organizational processes¬† to deliver greater value (quality) to the customer, product and/or service; enhancing an organization’s efficiency and their ability to compete within their product or service markets.


As a service, PMCOM can assist you as follows:

  • work with your team to review obstacles or issues hindering your process(es)
  • facilitate the process of conducting Value-Stream Mapping with you and/or your team (as a workshop)
  • assess the current state of operating for a specific process or multiple processes with the goal of removing waste or the potential risk of overlapping activities
  • outline plans and strategies to optimize organizational processes
  • standardize your auditing process(es) and integrate the information (i.e. procedures, documents) into your Quality Management System