Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is exhibited in an organization through the integrated and cross-functional organizational performance across revenue, cost, and risk.

Key areas of Operational Excellence:

1- organizations working within the guidelines of an integrated Management System, also known as a Quality Management System

2- employees clearly understand the value-stream to deliver the end-product or service to the customer’s expected level of quality

3- meeting customer expectations through the continuous improvement of the operational processes

4- supporting an organizational culture engaged on improving organizational performance

Key items & words relating to Operational Excellence:

  • Value Stream Visualization
  • Lean Management
  • Shiego Shingo – Shingo Prize
  • Malcolm Baldrige – Malcolm Baldrige Award


As a service, PMCOM can assist you as follows:

  • conduct an audit of your current operations using a standard “OPEX” process and provide a list of opportunities to develop your organization towards achieving Operational Excellence
  • facilitate the process of conducting Strategic Planning and Continuous Improvement processes to develop standards consistent with Operational Excellence
  • assist you or your team to establish key goals and define the plans and activities to reach the desired result(s)
  • review your current process for conducting Strategic Planning and Continuous Improvement¬† & facilitate information management to ensure actions have a process built for executing plans
  • standardize your process Strategic Planning and Continuous Improvement processes and integrate into your Quality Management System