Operations/Maintenance Coordinator

Contract Service by PMCOM:

Commonly referred to as an “OMC”, the Operations & Maintenance Coordinator   is associated with managing the execution of scopes of work or projects with consideration to the assets availability;  communicating with various stakeholders to develop the most efficient solution.

Responsibilities are related to managing aspects of  identifying, developing, prioritizing and scheduling scopes of work as they relate to Operations and Maintenance Departments within an industrial facility.

Responsibilities may include:

  • reviewing and evaluating work requests by a facility’s personnel, supervisor or electronic management system (i.e. CMMS, ERP)
  • reviewing maintenance backlogs and prioritizing work requests
  • inputting information (i.e. bills of material) into an electronic management system (i.e. CMMS, ERP) relating to equipment and assets
  • developing and issuing work orders via an electronic management system (i.e. CMMS, ERP)
  • developing new equipment/assets information such as Standard Operating Procedures to standardize operations or maintenance tasks
  • resource management; materials, manpower and monetary
  • schedule management
  • contract management and supplier, product and/or service sourcing and management

As a service, PMCOM can assist you as follows:

  • manage your maintenance work request
  • review and manage a maintenance backlog
  • coordinate work prioritization with key stakeholders and process owners
  • create plans and schedules to execute maintenance work (i.e. using MS project or an ERP system such as SAP)
  • plan & coordinate schedules and resources for maintenance plans during Planned Maintenance Periods (shutdowns)