Preventative Maintenance Planning

PMCOM can be contracted to review a scope of work (of any size) or various scopes of work that need to be addressed to optimize the equipment life cycle via Preventative Maintenance Planning for improved reliability and cost savings.

As a service, PMCOM can assist you as follows:

  • review the equipment & provide a list of measures or required actions to improve the equipment’s reliability
  • develop equipment maintenance cycle plans and processes
  • develop a plan, manage and/or coordinate the installation, repair or replacement of equipment
  • develop your inventory and your equipment’s bill of materials to meet maintenance requirements

Scope of work evaluations pertain to new or existing assets and equipment, and are not limited to any particular discipline.

However, PMCOM is focused on providing services largely pertaining to assets and equipment of a mechanical nature such as pumps, pipe systems, lubrication systems, condition-monitoring systems, among others (but not limited to). However, PMCOM is apt to dealing with all subsidiary factors of mechanical equipment such as civil, electrical and instrumentation in order to provide a complete installation, repair or maintenance work package for the asset.

Contact Nate at PMCOM to discuss details.