Standardization and Optimization

Standardization involves auditing the sequence of activities and interactions associated with completing a series of tasks (defined as a process) with the purpose to compile data and information to develop standard sets of instructions commonly referred to as a “Standard Operating Procedure” or  “SOP“  and other tools such as Process Maps to support the safe and productive processing of work activities.

Optimization occurs after the standardization has been completed as it ensures a consistent, baseline measurable. Optimization activities are generally initiated when a team member identifies an opportunity for improvement and thus, the organization engages in investigating and potentially developing the idea.


As a service, PMCOM can assist you as follows:

  • facilitate a Continuous Improvement workshop or Kaizen event to develop or refine a process
  • review and audit the organization’s management processes
  • review and audit activities and behaviors when managing the processes and/or routine activities
  • manage the development of administrative tools and SOP’s required for personnel
  • audit existing SOP’s and their content for relevance against the personnel conducting the work
  • update SOP’s if the current information is no longer relevant (i.e. due to a change in the process such as new software)
  • audit the information database for managing your PM processes and SOP’s and it’s efficiency with consideration to end-user(s)
  • develop the information database for managing the your processes and procedures


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