Project Evaluations

Project Evaluations is a service offered by PMCOM, within the role of Project Manager.

PMCOM can be contracted to review a project (overview) or multiple scopes of work (of any size) that need to be addressed to provide a desired result.

Scope of work evaluations pertain to new or existing assets (equipment), programs and/or initiatives.

With regard to industrial maintenance and construction, PMCOM is focused on providing services largely pertaining to assets and equipment of a mechanical nature such as: pumps, pipe systems, structural work, vessels and similar type mechanical systems among others (not limited to). However, PMCOM is apt to dealing with all subsidiary disciplines such as civil, electrical and instrumentation in order to provide a complete installation, repair or maintenance work package for the asset.

Key aspects of Project Evaluations relates to:

  • reviewing the details required to complete the work and develop execution plans
  • identifying risk(s), removing risk(s) and/or developing contingency plans to control risk(s)
  • reviewing the management and coordination of resources
  • reviewing the timelines
  • reviewing the project management processes to ensure measures of control are available

Contact Nate at PMCOM to discuss details.

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