Contract Service by PMCOM: Scheduler

The Scheduler role may include responsibilities relating to managing the timelines of a scope of work, multiple scopes of work, or an entire project requiring numerous tasks and activities.

PMCOM offers services for Scheduler to assist companies in managing schedules, tasks and activities for scopes of work and projects such as: preparing schedules for planned maintenance periods (also know as shutdowns) and projects that require strict adherence to a schedule and the project’s milestones.

PMCOM uses MS Project for creating and managing schedules.

The Scheduler service may be provided onsite or offsite depending on the nature of the work.


As a service, PMCOM can assist you as follows (but not limited to):

  • developing schedules and timelines for completing a project or scope(s) of work
  • auditing and reviewing schedules for risks related to the management of resources such as the availability of  manpower and materials
  • resource management; procurement and administration related to materials, manpower and fiscal responsibilities
  • schedule management; setting timelines and scheduling work periods

PMCOM is available to be contracted for short-term and long-term roles. Contact Nate to discuss the opportunity!