Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) consists of outlining the sequence of activities and interactions (i.e. provision of documentation) by establishing a visual model of each activity/interaction

Conducting VSM may involve personnel from various roles and departments with the goal to clearly outline and establish a sound understanding of interactions and activities to complete a process (i.e. product or service).


Benefits of conducting VSM:

1) establish the standard requirements for a new or existing process to complete a product or service from start to finish

2) provide an in-depth understanding of a process

3) identify potential opportunities for the development of supporting processes or to reduce constraints, overlap and repetition

4) strengthen the quality of the process (under review) to deliver the product or service to the established level of quality

5) verify the conformance of executing the process against an established standard

VSM enables a clear understanding of the process under review to identify the following common options (but not limited to): (1) establish a baseline of steps/activities for a new or existing process, (2) identify opportunities to improve a process, (3) develop and integrate a missing process or (4) verify the conformance of executing the process against an established standard.


As a service, PMCOM can assist you as follows:

  • work with your team to review obstacles or issues hindering your process(es)
  • facilitate the process of conducting Value-Stream Mapping with you and/or your team (as a workshop)
  • assess the current state of operating for a specific process or multiple processes
  • outline plans and strategies to optimize organizational processes
  • standardize your processes and integrate into your Quality Management System

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