Quality Management

Quality Management is a broad statement but the focus is on reviewing the relevance and/or effectiveness of the organization’s Quality Management System (QMS) and ensuring the organization’s compliance to their QMS.

Key terms relating to Quality Management System (QMS):

  • International Standards Organization (ISO); such as ISO 9001, ISO 14000
  • Process Standardization
  • Process Compliance
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Organizational Policies


As a service, PMCOM can assist you as per the following:

  • review the Quality Management System (in whichever form it is present); if there is no QMS, we will work collaboratively to develop it
  • work with stakeholders and process owners to identify opportunities to improve Quality Assurance and/or Quality Control
  • develop a plan (or plans) to address opportunities to improve Quality Assurance and/or Quality Control
  • audit the information and processes within the QMS for effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement
  • assist organizations by taking part in the ISO audits with the goal of developing plans to address “conformance issues”
  • develop information and processes that can easily be understood and navigated by end-users
  • assist the organization (in whatever role required) to conduct changes within their organization to support the delivery of quality such as training & coaching, integrating processes into their Information Management System but not limited to.

As a Quality Management system is typically large and comprehensive, contact Nate at PMCOM to discuss details and opportunities in which PMCOM can help support your organization.