Maintenance & Reliability Management

If your organization is seeking to optimize the coordination of your plant maintenance, planning a maintenance period (shutdown) or needs additional resources to progress on planning and executing work from your maintenance backlog, PMCOM provides:

  • Contract services for roles in Industrial Maintenance & Construction in mechanical, civil, and structural work
  • Consultant Services to evaluate your Maintenance Operations and provide opportunities for optimization
  • On-site support for the evaluation, prioritization and planning of scopes of work and/or projects
  • Facilitating the organization of asset & equipment information management for efficiency and/or compliance, such as;

      - Developing asset & equipment information databases and management processes

      - Developing asset & equipment hierarchies in information databases (or as they apply to ERP/CMMS system)

      - Compile and organize Installation, Operation & Maintenance manuals, and SOP's for assets & equipment

      - Compile and organize Bills of Material and drawings for assets & equipment

  • Facilitating the development and integration of preventative maintenance programs for assets and equipment
  • Facilitating training & coaching for Maintenance and Reliability Management

I am attuned to working within the guidelines of policies, processes, procedures, acts, regulations and standards (e.g. TSSA, CWB, ISO 9001) of all types to ensure quality is achieved within completed scopes of work. 

Standards services are listed below (but not limited to):

Contract Service 

Planner | Scheduler | Project Manager

Contract Service 

Operations/Maintenance Coordinator

Contract Service 

Supervisor | Project Coordinator

Scope of Work Evaluations

Project Evaluations

Maintenance Management

Process Evaluations

Maintenance & Operations

Information Management

Facility, Asset & Equipment

Preventative Maintenance Planning

Facility, Asset & Equipment

Compliance Management

Educational Workshops 

Training and Coaching